how to make ma new ram wich is Kingston KVR1333D3n9/2G to operate at 1333 mhz rate? My motherboard is EP-35C-DS3R

I both one stick of DDR3 2GB RAM 1333MHz (KVR1333D3n9/2G) i put it on my motherboard (EP35C-DS3R). But the RAM wont work at 1333 mhz its working only at 800mhz... just like my old DDR2. Please tell me how to make it faster...
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  1. check to see if the new RAM you really bought is 1333, other than that, I can't help you because the motherboard specs handle both DDR2 and DDR3 at most bus speeds.
  2. Did you take your old ram out?
  3. Yes , my old ram is now on a different computer... In the tweaker at BIOS i dont have a option to choose the RAM frequency . Its only 800 mhz
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