Router (Asus DSL N13) dropping wifi connection

I have an Asus DSL N13 300mbps wireless router and use a TP Link 150mbps USB Wifi adapter and get an excellent signal btw. There are also a couple more devices connected to the network. Using Firefox I have had this problem for ages because every time I watch Youtube videos or when loading a page with pictures it will pause loading the page or if watching BBC Iplayer affect that and sometimes I have to load the whole page to start playback again though not 100% of the time. I can still access the routers admin panel on when the connection seems to drop which is strange so this tells me it has a problem loading certain things like media and the actual wifi connection, it also drops for other users on the internet at the same time. I have the latest Asus firmware on the router and the ADSL stats are not reset while it drops, so it looks to me. Is there anything I can do, I know other Asus owners have similar disconnection issues from reading their own forum.

Also should have said that the wifi adapter in Windows does not show it being disconnected, I just have to wait a few seconds before I can start browsing again.
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    Is your channel being used by another nearby router (can be people next door)? If so try changing the channel its on.
  2. Hi thanks but no I have always made sure its on a different one to others. I will try changing it to another channel to see if that helps but I doubt it.
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