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OK my machine is displaying several symptoms and it is clear I've done something wrong. The main issue currently is random power downs. This happens mainly when I'm gaming. I've overclocked to 4.0Ghz via AWARD BIOS intelligent tweaker. I believe the problem lies in my PSU as I've learned it is crap. Please suggest the best PSU for me as well as any other hardware mistakes I made. System Specs~~
Item Details
Memory (RAM): 16GB DDR3(4 sticks-dual channel)
CPU Info: AMD FX-6100 Six-Core Processor(4.0GhZ OC'd)
Display Adapters: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
BIOS*: Award Software International, Inc.
Motherboard *: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-78LMT-S2P
PSU: Kentek 750W

I also suspect I did not overclock correctly---
I turned up the multipliers and FSB
( I need help on how to adjust the VCore on this BIOS
I have it set to auto) I just need help in general
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  1. The 760g chipset sucks and I would not suggest overclocking with it. Even the much better 970 chipset doesn't oc that well. For a PSU here's a good list( to refer to when looking. A good 500w unit would be more than enough for your specs.
  2. I am hesitant to reset to default when I've been getting 4.0 Ghz no problem for months. I really just think its either a Vcore setting issue, PSU, or GPU.
    I there anyway to verify it is definitely a PSU issue? I don't necessarily want to replace it if that is not the issue.
    I am also having some occassional graphic problems especially relating to dual monitor setup. Sometimes the monitor will just go gray lines and the TV will go "unsupport".
    Could the GPU be powering off my machine? When the machine does shut down it often does not want to start back up. I need to unplug it for 30 sec or so and then retry. I don't want to just throw money at it.
  3. any other advice?
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    That Motherboard with a poor power and thermal design , plus the very poor PSU is a problem waiting to happen on this setup if overclocking.
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