How to set up three different wifi systems from a single cable modem: 1 primary home network and 2 additional guest networks.

In addition to our home & biz use of the wifi, we also have tenants who we'd like to separate onto wifi access that can't affect our home network. Lastly, and very importantly, we have teenagers who are unable to control their wifi/internet usage on their devices and it is cutting into their sleep and functioning (and attitudes).
1st Priority: make sure that the husband and i have network priority and strongest bandwidth 24/7, securely.
2nd Priority: put limits on when the teenagers' will have access to wifi (i.e. off at 9pm, on at 8am, OR limited to 5 hours per day)
3rd Priority: providing 24/7 internet access to tenants without it being able to affect our home network or wifi usage and security.

Our current wireless router allows limiting the time, but only for the entire network.

How best to proceed affordably?

Thank you!
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  1. What Brand and model is your current router? What do you consider affordably priced?
  2. abailey said:
    What Brand and model is your current router? What do you consider affordably priced?

    Current is the Netgear N 150 or WNR1000v.2-VC provided by Comcast. I'd love to keep the solution to $150.00 USD or less, if possible.

    Thank you for your guidance.
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    I would try this
    On that router you can set up 3 wireless networks, have bandwidth control, set up kids access times, and have a visitor network separate from your network. I would use this to replace your current router.
    Amazon has them for like $125.00
  4. Thank you very much, ABailey! This is perfect.
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