Please help! New pc shut off after 15 mins of being new and won't turn back on but has power

Hey guys got a BRAND NEW ASUS M51AD-US0010 from newegg. I got it today and opened it up, plugged it in and tried turning it on. It turned on but no signal to monitor, unplugged things plugged them in and restarted computer, it booted up and started installing all it's stuff, I did all updates and installs as recommended for my use. It got finished and I went to internet explorer and got google chrome, I used google chrome for the internet, the computer was going fairly slow and I knew it shouldn't have been for that I-5 processor. I went to steam to try and download it for dayz. It kept saying steam was unable to open and it wouldn't open the page. I kept trying to and then my computer just shut down. Tried turning It on and nothing. There's lights on inside the pc on the motherboard so it's getting power. I kept trying to turn on and the power button and the light under the button would blink once every so often (this is the button that indicates the pc is on or off) I called ASUS and they gave me 1 trick to try and that's unplugging it and holding on the power for 30 seconds and then trying to turn it on. Every time I did that I would get the 1 blink under the button. The pc came with a graphics card driver for my gtx 760. Was I suppose to install that disc? Could that have causes this problem? Any help would be great apreciated before I send the pc off to ASUS. Please someone help me here I'm using an hdmi cable my specs are

I-5 4440 3.1ghz processor
Gtx 760 GPU
Intel h81 mobo
500w power supply
1tb hdd
8gb ram

It literally won't turn on at all but it's getting power. Please if it's an easy fix I would rather fix it myself please someone help

EDIT:: my pc also came with a wire it was black at one end and it had 6 wires that came out of the black end 3 wires split to a white plug and the other three went to another white plug so I'm not sure what it was for. Also there's no beeping sounds

Can anyone just let me know what might be the problem, thanks in advance
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  1. Using the onboard display output ports
    Connect your monitor to the onboard display output port.
    To connect an external monitor using the onboard display output ports:
    Connect a VGA monitor to the VGA port,

    Check if the monitor is powered on.

    Ensure that your monitor is properly connected to the video output port on
    your computer.

    If your computer comes with a discrete graphics card, ensure that you connect
    your monitor to a video output port on the discrete graphics card.

    Check if any of the pins on the monitor video connector is bent. If you discover
    bent pins, replace the monitor video connector cable.

    Check if your monitor is plugged to a power source properly.

    Refer to the documentation that came with your monitor for more
    troubleshooting information

  2. Phone Newegg Techs and let them talk you through it.
  3. Try getting a case speaker and bread boarding your system
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