Put computer to sleep mode now it wont turn on

So i put my computer to sleep mode and woke up and got back on. Now it wont turn on and the only light's that do turn on are the one under the Ethernet(green light blinking) and a Orange light that stays on but does not blink. I have changed out my PSU put in old sticks of Ram that worked before i changed it and put back in the old Video card to see if that was the problem. And yet it still wont turn on. what is the problem? if any one can help.
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  1. what are your specs???

    apart form the lights on the ethernet port are there any fans spinning???
  2. A quad core intel processor and a stock motherboard. gtx 560 SC. Geil 4Gig ram. a Rosewill 600Watt PSU and the Harddrive that came with the Computer. I only changed the PSU GPU and Ram in the computer. The rest is stock that came with the computer.

    No fans are spinning
  3. does the fan in your psu spin????

    if not it is very likely a psu problem
  4. No it does not. I changed my PSU to a new one thinking it was the old PSU. Still wont turn on. and all the same lights come on Blinking green steady orange.
  5. bigthora said:
    I changed my PSU to a new one thinking it was the old PSU.

    i didn't quite get that part.

    ethernet port lights indicate that you have a 1gbps link(orange) and constant green (no data transmission)
  6. sorry long day. I took out my old psu and put in a new one. I was thinking at that time that it was my old PSU that was the problem. and yet the computer still wont turn on.
  7. and you know that your new psu is working right????

    there is only one possible case in my mind right now.....your power button.
  8. yes it is working. i put it in a friends computer before putting it into mine and it worked. The only thing that turns on is the Orange light on the Mobo and the blinking green below the enthernet.
  9. can try this than.

    remove the power switch headers from your motherboard and try switching it on using a metallic pin or something (a screwdriver head will also work fine)
  10. tried it. Now my Ethernet port light is just blinking more rapidly. Yet it has not been connected to the internet at all.
  11. did you try removing all the ram s from the motherboard????

    you should here the ram beep if your motherboard is working fine
  12. tried all ram also. No beep.
  13. Best answer
    than it is your mainboard that has died....get your board rma ed
  14. Ive had this computer for about 2 years the Mobo is stock.. ill just buy a new one and new cpu.

    Thank you very much for your time.
  15. you are welcome

    all the best :)
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