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I want to also buy the R9 270 not X and i was wondering would it work with my CPU: AMD Athlon X4 750k @ 3.4 ghz on the mobo F2A75M-D3H with a 550w PSU
Games i would most likely be playing are BF4 and big commercial titles. i was wondering if there will be any bottlenecks? like would there be any times i experience lag (not playable frames) because my CPU isn't good enough. ( i have no idea how to overclock aswell...)?
If the 270 will not bottleneck it, which gpu can i grab that is on the brink of bottlenecking
Thanks for any replies
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    The 750k is not the best cpu to use but it will work. I don't think there will be any bottlenecking issues with a R9 270
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