Build me a decent gaming desktop for $1000 or less

And that is everything, case psu gpu mobo etc. Want the most future proof system there is, and components I can swap over to a broadwell setup down the road. Everything needs to be in stock at Frys. Can go a little bit over a grand if needed. Want a unlocked bios and overclocking capability, full or mid size tower with routing and easy access... I've been out of the game too long I don't know what's out there.
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  1. Thanks... What's the bang for the buck maxwell gpu right now that can handle most things thrown at it, and what's the best bang for the buck 32gb capable lga1150 mobo that's Uefi? Thanks for that link it's helpful
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    you have to wait for the maxwell (800 series) GPU . only 750 an 750ti available . entry level GPUs . . this series is expected to expand in late 2014 or in 2015 . . and the board i listed in the list supports 32 GB . UEFI support as well
  3. On my phone didn't mean to select yours as an answer, the link you sent me has no parts selected when you go to it. Which 7 series gpu would you recommend that could max out most things thrown at it? I found a 4770k for $275
    check this if it works
    gtx770 is a best . . 780 or 780ti tops the list but expensive
  5. Can I get away with a 500w power supply
  6. So... Doing a 700w power supply, 8gb 2400mhz ddr3 stick of corsair, i7 4770k, lga1150 Asus z87plus, Asus gtx 770, 1tb caviar black 7200rpm, not sure on tower or CPU cooler. Buying cheapest bluray drive. Any input on tower or CPU cooler that's in stock at frys?
  7. Ended up getting an Alienware aurora r4 on clearance for $900... 16gb ddr3, 2x1tb 7200rpm drives, i7 3930k, hd6870 crossfire, bluray drive liquid cooling etc... Did I do good? Or return it
  8. on that price . it is good . now depends on you what you want . prebuilt or custom . .
  9. Is lga2011 a dead socket type?
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