crossfire powercolor hd 7950 with asus radeon hd 7950

Hi guys

Recently I bought an asus radeon hd 7950 3g ddr5 and I want to know if i can crossfire with powercolor amd radeon hd 7950 3gb ddr5 and also how much power (watts) do I need to run this together to be able to play some good games like titan falls , etc. Will dose two gpu cards bottleneck my cpu x9770 quad core 3.2 mhz L2 12m.
I intend to overclock the cpu up to 4.2 ghz and the memory 1800mhz
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  1. you can crossfire these two cards . and almost 750w is required to power those two cards . CPU will do some bottleneck . more on CPU intensive games
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    yess you will be able to crossfire both cards. say about 700-750W PSU should be enough to power both of them.,5.html

    as for your processor @4.2GHz should not bottleneck the cards
  3. Thank you for your quick reply guys much appreciated
  4. And one more question .What graphics drivers should I use?
  5. use the most recent one....but make sure do read up a few reviews before upgrading
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