USB Mouse dead after plugging into front usb w/o drivers?

So this is one I have never heard of. I just finished upgrading to a new case and I plugged my Razer Deathadder into USB 3.0 on the front of my case to see if would power up. It seems to have killed my mouse. By killed my mouse I mean that it no longer powers up or is detected in any other USB port on my motherboard. It also no longer works on any of my other computers in my house/work.

I updated my USB 3.0 drivers and they seem to work now, but still, my mouse is dead. Any suggestions?
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  1. your mouse being dead is not because of any driver issue or drivers not being installed.

    you were just unlucky to receive a bad unit....just get your mouse rma ed
  2. It has worked fine for the past year. I just don't understand how plugging it into the USB port would kill it.
  3. you can never be sure about electronics.

    this is what happened to me today:
  4. TBH you can break a Razer product just by giving it a dirty look so like most of their products it have decided to go suicide.
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