New build - wont boot to bios if I connect HDD, SSD or DVD drive!

The computer boots to bios with all peripheral cables disconnected. Fans spin, processor and Ram detected in bios. The minute I try to boot after connecting a sata power cable to the psu it won't boot, there is a click and slight movement of the fans and then nothing! It's like it's tripping. Any ideas? I'm so depressed!

Intel I-5 3330p processor
Asrock B75 R2.0 mobo
Corsair RM650 psu
Evga GTX 750TI SC gpu
Corsair 8gb XMS 1600 ram
Samsung Evo 840 SSD
Western Digital Caviar Black HDD

Thanks in advance!
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    It sounds like the some of the cables are wired incorrectly or the wrong cables are being used if its a modular PSU. Test the voltages at the sata power connector.
  2. Thanks Popatim! I was using some leads from another modular PSU which looked identical but obviously weren't! Much appreciated! Now we are up and running!
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