ASUS Z87-A vs MSI Z87-G45 Gaming?



My Wishlist:

I already have a disc drive, ssd and windows 7

I'm trying to build a computer that can handle generally everything from video editing, gaming, day-day use, HD video playback and moderate Photoshop/Cinema4D/Sony Vegas use from time to time. I also plan on adding a gtx 770 down the road.

My biggest worry would be the seeing some bad stuff in the reviews for the Asus mobo like bent pins, RAM recognition problems, broken there any board out there around the $150 range thats reliable? Or is this just people mishandling their purchases? What mobo's would you suggest and what are your opinions on these two?
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    I would suggest G45 board because it's well made board and I use one in my current rig but if you want better motherboard you can get Gigabyte Z87X UD4H!
  2. ASUS has the BEST Haswell boards in my opinion , I have the ASUS HERO , it's fantastic.
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