Why am I getting very low frame rate in dayz with the GTX 750 ti. I would like to know if there is a problem, and how it could

I bought the GTX 750 ti and read reviews of people getting 20-30 frames on ultra, but for me I get less than that when I have settings turned to the lowest point. What is stopping me from getting better frame rate?
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  1. Can you provide your other computer specs?
  2. Its a poorly optimized game just like arma 2 and 3. I turned off my v-sync and it gave me about a 15 fps boost. I play on high settings with my 7850 and normally get around 45 fps.
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    Because DayZ isn't done, and unfinished games usually run like crap. I'd wait for it to actually release before you start trying to "fix problems" that are really just part of the fact it's in alpha. There's a huge warning right on the Steam page "WARNING: THIS GAME IS EARLY ACCESS ALPHA. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IT UNLESS YOU WANT TO ACTIVELY SUPPORT DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME AND ARE PREPARED TO HANDLE WITH SERIOUS ISSUES AND POSSIBLE INTERRUPTIONS OF GAME FUNCTIONING."
  4. Also, this series is known to be very CPU bound, so the rest of your system matters a lot.
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