SLI-comp boots to black screen and blinking cursor

So I bought two evga gtx 770s today and ran into a few issues. As of now im able to boot into windows normally and ive installed nvidia drivers. Ive tested and everything works fine while using one card. As soon as I plug in the second and turn on the pc is boots straight to a black screen with a blinking cursor at the top right hand corner. My mobo also shows 0E error.Any help will me much appreciated. Thank you.

my specs:
I5 2500k
Asrock p67 extreme6
gskill ares 16gb 1600
2x gtx 770
Corsair ax1200
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  1. does your motherboard manual say what the 0E code stands for?
  2. Yes, it says microcode not found
  3. try only using one gpu at a time to determine if one of them is defective
  4. Just tried both seperately and the first one worked perfectly but the second one froze up at boot screen showing error 62 before finally booting windows
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    ok, so there is clearly a problem with that card, send it back
  6. Ok thank you I will do just that
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