Looking for a good mid-range gaming laptop.

Are these specs good enough for playing games like Battlefield 4, Sleeping Dogs, COD Ghosts, NFS Rivals etc? The specs are : 4th Gen Intel Core i5 4200U upto 2.6 GHz , 4GB RAM, Nvidia GT 740M 2GB.
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  1. What about the CPU? Is that powerfull enough?
  2. I also looked up the Lenovo Essential G510 which has Intel 4200M CPU but it has an ATI Sunpro 8570 GPU. Is the ATI Sunpro 8570 better than the Nvidia GT 740M?
  3. Can u suggest a laptop under 50k that has 4200M as well as GT 740M?
  4. The i5 4200u will run battlefield 4 on medium to high settings. With the graphics card you cant go higher anyway so the processor wnt be a limiting factor.
  5. So I guess it can easily run COD Ghosts and Sleeping dogs?
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    Dormiens said:
    So I guess it can easily run COD Ghosts and Sleeping dogs?

    It will definitly able to run them although not on max settings. I just saind that in games your graphics card is usually more limiting than the processor, even if its an i5 ulv.

    If you want to know what the graphics card would be capable of noteboochek is always a usefiul website:
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