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Hello everyone. Before I start, I want to stress that I want to create a DAS, not a NAS, but will be available to a NAS/DAS hybrid. Also I want to build the system myself, and I do not want a pre-built system, because where is the fun in that. ;)

My main computer runs simulations that require most of the CPU power and I read up on software raid since it is cheaper and easier to work with than a hardware solution. The only problem is that software raid eats up CPU power and I am trying to avoid that situation. So I thought that using an external DAS that already has the software raid running on it would work, but currently I have no idea how to connect the two machines. I know I could create a NAS system from this, but I like being stubborn, also I need faster data rates than ethernet can provide.

Can I use two HBAs to connect the two machines? So the host and DAS system each have a HBA card with cables running between each other. Also I have been told that software raid nowadays also supports hot-swapping, is this correct?
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    You cannot connect two pc's to a das system. Das is just like internal storage, just that its external; it has the same basic rules.

    if you need faster transfer rates than 100MB/s then you need to link/bond gigabit ports, switch to 10G ethernet, or go fiber.
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