what graphics card are fit with Q8200 quad core

what graphic card tht are fit and NOT bottleneck q8200 quad core .. thnks in advance .. just list it and ill check it out

P/S:it is q8200 quad core good for gaming?
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  1. Without overclocking I'd say a Radeon 7770 aka 250X. If you overclock your CPU then it would make sense to get something more powerful though
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    I think a really good example to show you the best possible video card for your processor is it shows that the gtx 450 around the 400 series time was the best for for that processor. but if you compare it to the newer series probably something along the line of a gtx 750 ti would be the best fit for you. It requires pci-e power connectors, a really good example of what the 750 ti can do for systems likes your is in this video you will see some bottle necking but not as much as your would from other cards. If you have a system that allows you to overclock you could probably get a really good beneficial performance increase, if you have a good enough power supply for overclocking. the card will run on almost anything over 280 watts. I had an old p4 system with a 250w power supply in it and it ran just fine. I didn't really plan on using the card in that system I just did it as a test to see if the 7+ year power supply and 8+ year old system could run it.
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