How to test a drive in a RAID 0 configuration

I need to know if there is a way to test a hard drive that's part of a RAID 0 configuration. Haven't been able to find any good info on this anywhere. I've downloaded about 5 different tools and none of them can recognize the drives. I assume this is because they are in a RAID configuration.

So how can I go about testing to see if one of the drives in the configuration is going bad?

I have an Nvidia nForce RAID Controller with two WDC WD1500HLFS 150GB Drives (Raptor) that have the RAID mode set to striped. I really just want to have some diagnostics run to see if any test fail for one of the drives.
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    First you can't test the individual HDD in the RAID0 under Windows OS, I read somewhere you can do it under the Linux. Yes, some softwares are not compatible with the raid, like I have 2XSSD ( Ocz + Crucial ) in raid0 and the ocz toolbox can't read the raid0. And I can use the SeaTools ( from seagate) and intel RST to test my raid, becasue I use the seagate HDD for the backup. You can try to use the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows ( from WD ) to test the raid. The last thing is make sure you do backup your raid, otherwise if the raid0 fails then you may lose all because there is a 100% chance your RAID will fail, even you can recover by the RAID 0 Recovery software, but it will take your time.
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