Not sure what GPU to buy

Alright, I hate asking this, but as a returning college student I have very little income and need whatever card I buy to last.
I am looking at buying the R9 280x, GTX 770, or just saving the ~$100 and getting a R9 270x and buying BluRays/games with it.

Currently I have a HD 7870 ghz edition, and am very happy with it. However my wife's computer has a very old HD 6670 crossfired with an A8 GPU. So I am getting a new card for myself and putting my old 7870 in her computer.

As I am not a GPU aficionado I am very confused about what to buy. Especially with all the forums I found being filled with people saying that games will be AMD optimized (however I do find that to be a moot point, as if that were the case Nvidia would have to do something to stay relevant.)
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  1. Both GTX770 and 280X are good and you can buy which ever is cheaper.
  2. I appreciate your honesty spp85. It seems almost impossible to find unbiased opinions on this topic. However there is only a ~$10 difference (dang bitcoin miners.)
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    I assume your are going to be playing at 1080p. The 280X and 770GTX are going to give you a better experience at that resolution (my son has the 770) which should allow you to play most games at their max detail settings with a reasonable amount of AA.

    As for games being optimized for AMD (presumably because their GPU's are in the XBox One and PS4), I wouldn't give that too much weight. nVidia has historically had a very good relationship with developers (even those that aren't part of TWIMTBP) and they usually have Day 1 drivers for most new games. They are also really aggressive with addressing problems in their drivers. Mantle is the only real unknown. BF4 and Thief presently support it, and Crytek has said they will support it in CryEngine, but I don't really know how much traction it will get. I think a lot of older development houses (dating back to the GLide days) don't want to see a slide back to proprietary graphics API's. The performance benefits are definitely tantalizing if you have an AMD GPU though.
  4. 770 and the 280x are very comparable so I would get the cheaper one, which right now is the 770 in most cases. Both cards perform very well and will last for a good while
  5. 770 superclocked, then apply your own OC you will be nipping at the heels of the 780 in performance for nearly half the cost.
  6. Well with AMD's market the way it is, I guess this is as good of an excuse as any to give Nvidia a shot (haven't had one in about 10 years.)
    Now I just have to figure out who makes decent Nvidia cards. I'm looking between these right now:

    The Asus looks pretty solid, but Ill have to do some googling.
    Thanks again for your help everyone!
  7. Can't speak to the MSI card, but my son has the ASUS card and it's an excellent card. It is solid and it remains cool and relatively quiet under load.
  8. I sure hope it would stay cool. Maybe its just the pictures, but it looks like a tank!
    Not that there is anything wrong with MSI. I had a card from them years ago, never had a problem with it. I gave it to a friend, and as far as I know its still running.
  9. Yeah it's a pretty heavy card. His room is pretty cool too, he's in the basement.
  10. Have an MSI 770 and even with an additional 75 MHz overclock it doesn't get above 72 degrees at full load and about 70% fan speed it's great
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