Sound is not working..drivers are there..

I just reinstall my windows xp 5.1 2006 build..and the drivers also there..but cant play any sound through my system..the sound driver there is from " vinyl "..and i checked my drivers with a 3rd party software..and showing no errors..pls help me..
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    The drivers may be there but sometimes they need a little push... so, the following may sound to obvious to be the cause but all of this worked most of the different times I've had no audio in WXP.

    Check the Control Panel audio & sound settings, test the audio. Uncheck and again check the Mute box... Press the Default bar, press the Test Hardware bar, click the Audio / Volume bar to check the Volume Control Mixer for ticked Mute boxes. See the article on How to Setup a USB Audio Device, the settings apply to any type of audio in XP.

    If not fixed, go to Device Manager and "uninstall" the audio driver (which unistalls the audio card) and restart the computer... if it doesn't fix it, reinstall/update the audio driver... if still nothing, reinstall/update the chipset driver and repeat with the audio driver.

    How to setup a USB Audio device in Windows XP
  2. thnxxx chicano...i will let u knw aftr i try these things...thnx for reply..
  3. its done guys.. i just uninstall the audio driver and install another audio its working..but when am installing new driver it says hda audio bus driver required and not found..then i changed the csd version value in registry...then i tried to install it again..but still it shows same msg...and i just quit the setup and tried to play an mp3..I dont knw wht happened surprisingly its working now..and i think there is no driver in the system this sure i unistalled the old one and icouldnt install the new one bcoz of that error...
  4. The system probably reinstalled the old driver.... as you began installing the new driver it should have uninstalled the old one to install the new one... then when the new driver did not install, the old driver was "reinstalled"... that apparently was all it needed. The reason is that simply reinstalling the same driver either automatically or manually from the Device Manager reenables it. Other times uninstalling drivers and restarting the computer, makes the Plug and Play service auto re-install the same drivers w/o need to search for the right one, all done automatically.
  5. hmmm...But i checked the device manager now again and check any driver is there..and its showing the new driver first the system had Vinyl Sound driver..And I uninstalled tht and try to install Sound Max Audio Driver...and now whn am checking the driver, this driver is showing there...but i quit the installation set up of this driver when its showed an Error called " HDA audio bus driver required and not found"...and then how its became there...whteva its working fine...thnxx chicano..
  6. In that case the Sound Max driver was installed... the HDA High Deffinition Audio driver must be complementary as audio cards use different drivers for different audio ports... it may be one for analog and another for digital, another for the front panel connector and even different drivers for sound output and input or recording. I havent taken the time to understand audio cards perfectly but by looking in the device manager; Sound Video and Game Controllers, you can see what I mean.

    See if something in these links helps clear that up and solve the "HDA driver not found" issue.

    HDA audio bus driver is required and not found SOLVED

    Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus XP Driver
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