What is the difference between amd radeon r9 270x and Msi radeon r9 270x? Which one is better?

I am making a custom Build and was confused about the two and which one to combine with the amd fx 6300
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  1. 270x is a model. And many companies change the reference model for better cooling, performance, and quietness. MSI makes excellent GPUs. I know, I have owned 2 of them.
  2. Oh okay so should I go with the standard amd card or the manufacturer (like Msi, Asus or sapphire) one?
  3. And also which one is better between sapphire vapor X, sapphire boost oc and Msi gaming 4g?
  4. It's usually preferable to get a non-standard/non-reference card, since the 3rd party usually companies equip their custom cards with better components (capacitors, vrm, chokes, etc), and a beefier cooling system with that. This most of the time equates to better overclocking potential, and longer operating life.
    Between the sapphire models and the msi one, I'd go for msi. From my experience, the msi cards are just better built (and they look better, too).
  5. Would my AMD FX 6300 be able to handle it with a 500w power supply?
  6. As long as you have a quality PSU with you, 500w is usually enough for a 270x. What brand/model PSU do you have?
  7. Corsair 500w
  8. If you are thinking Sapphire then I recommend the Dual-X. It is the quietest and yet it is very fast.
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