Are these components compatible?

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  1. No. that power supply is weak and has low efficiency this psu is much better at 80+ bronze certified
  2. Ok, that one seems batter, although I have never heard of the brand. Is this any better?
  3. VS series has low quality components and capacitors in it will not last long. the one i suggested is much better.
  4. Ok. Are there and that are major brand (Antec, Kingston, Thermaltake, CoolerMaster) that are under $100, and will power a GTX 780?
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    you think im betraying you? silverstone is a solid known brand. btw kingston doesnt make psu's. the gtx 780 is 250w max power thats 20amps. the psu i suggested has 600watt at 45amps on the 12volt rail. it will power it just fine.
  6. Sorry about not going along with what you said. Its just that I'd never heard of the brand before.
  7. why didnt you say so! this psu is a very solid unit has 35amps on both 12volt rails combined makes 70amps with 650watt i highly recommend this over the silverstone.
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