My Broken GTX 480 Card?

So first of all, sorry it's a double post and i realized that I commented "bump" and the first thread is closed. I am very regretful to that.
--------------------------------------------------So, since i didn't explain fully about the issue, well i'll explain further. So....First of all, games such as GTA IV, Saints Row 4 and Just Cause 2 lag after i play about 5-8 minutes. Secondly, I can't set the resolution up to 1280x720 under ANY circumstances. Otherwhise, the text looks smaller yet with the same resolution. A person replied to my first thread said that it could be a memory leak. But I didn't notice any blink in the LED when games started to lag, and games can run smoothly at medium settings in my old GPU which is GT 430 without any lag. So my question after researching for over a year is, is the GPU (GTX 480) really broken or the PSU one which is 500w SIMBBADA? Also, GTX 480 are really rare in my place so the seller said it's the limited edition..... So I really need your help very much. Thank you..
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  1. Bullcrap psu detected.
  2. Maybe bullcrap PSU but....I dont think so because....well....if the PSU cant handle, the computer shuts down immediately,..
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    True just saying. do you have the latest drivers from nvidia?
  4. indeed
  5. So, any solution for this?!
  6. ModernWarfare said:
    True just saying. do you have the latest drivers from nvidia?

    It helps a little bit...but not really significant
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