Is This motherboard good for gaming and overclocking?

Is This motherboard good for gaming and overclocking?
Asus z87 Pro
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  1. Yes, that is an excellent gamer/overclocker motherboard. It will do really well with any LGGA 1150 Socket CPUs.
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    yes, Asus are very reputable when it comes to their products and quality. The Z87 chipset is great for overclocking and taking your CPU to it's maximum capability. Motherboards don't tend to effect gaming performance, just for the extra costs you get better features and OC, but the really expensive motherboards have the same chipset (Z87) which is great for any intel 4th gen k CPU.
  3. There are a lot of features on this board that if you aren't going to use, you don't need to pay for. Such as wireless and bluetooth. If you don't need these, I would suggest the Maximus VI Hero. Its an ROG board and only slightly more expensive than what you are looking at, and it's built from the start with overclocking and gaming in mind. I own this board and it's excellent.

    I am not saying that the Z87 Pro is bad, it just may have a bunch of features on it that you'll never use. Now if you plan to use the wife and / or the bluetooth, then it might be the board for you.
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