Questions about the Corsair K70 MX Blue

I've decided to go for a Corsair K70 keyboard with cherry mx blue switches, but I have a few concerns about it.

I really like both the feel and the sound of the cherry mx blue switches now, but is this something you think I will find annoying in a years time?

I'm Norwegian so I have to have the Nordic key layout, but I haven't found a single picture of it online (with the Nordic layout). The web store I'm buying the keyboard from says it has the Nordic layout (it said so in the title of the product, I haven't contacted them or anything like that), but the pictures on the websites shows the North American version. This is probably a dumb question, but does this version of the K70 even come with a Nordic layout?

I'm having the Gunmetal Gray one if that matters to anyone.

All help would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!
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  1. The pictures used are probably generic std pictures from the manufacturer, the Nordic market is big enough for them to have the correct keys installed on it so it should have your Norwegian.
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    + 1 rolli59. I would trust that if it specifies a Norwegian layout it should be exactly that

    I've had the K70 with the red switches for about two months and so far I'm very happy with it. I did some research before I bought mine and decided on the red for a couple reasons.

    Like yourself I was concerned whether I would find the sound annoying with the blue switches. So I opted for the red. At first I found the keys 'soft' and almost too responsive, but after a couple days I adjusted to it and now I really like the feel. There is still some sound from the keys- the tap when the key bottoms out, but it is not annoying to me at all.

    The other reason for my choice with the red, and the larger deciding factor, had to do with the LED's. One of the reasons I wanted the K70 was for the LED's - the varying brightness levels, and the fact that you could illuminate different keys in different profiles. Well, as it turns out, there is some rate of failure with the LED's, which seems to be mostly with the K70 blue switch models. I first noticed this in reviews on Then I went to the Corsair forum. If you read this thread you'll see
    Around the bottom of the second page posters start to ID this as a problem with the blue's - and some browns. Possibly a circuitry or switch problem. In my researching of the board I found only one post about a red switch model with the problem.

    And this is strange, but when I go back to now, I only see the K70 red's listed. I've done a site search and it seems right now that's the only model they're selling. Whether that is because they're sold out of the other models, or pulled them, I'm not sure. At the same time, if you read these reviews listed under the red, you'll see it still contains the reviews of all the models. And in the review it lists which model at the top of the review. Note that there is one report of burnt out LED's with the red, and all the other complaints are the blues or browns.

    So that's why I chose the red switch model. Just info to consider. As far as what is the actual rate of failure, Corsair claims it is "VERY VERY little" (to quote their tech) compared to actual # of items sold. For the Corsair forum posts, what percentage of people who own the K70 are actually posting in that thread to say everything works great!
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