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I recently build a low-end gaming tower and am trying to sell it. I have a AMD A8-5600,
MSI A78M-E35, 4gb rams. I wondering if I add a graphics card (Geforce gtx 650 $100) and/or ram another 4gb ram to make it into a mid level unit? I have about 365 in it now (components + windows 7 premium 65), so I'd have about $515 in it. My question is do I have a better chance of selling it by improving it or just selling as is? Also do I need add anything if I upgrade, such as more fans, better psu (cheap 500w now). Thanks!
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    4GB of ram is mostly used for gamers, 4-8GB is the range of the amount of most used ram that gamers use, so you don't need to upgrade the ram. The graphics card, however, is a needed for good gaming, so that new Graphics Card will increase the price, also getting a newer more reliable PSU would be a great investment. You can grab a Corsair or XFX 500 watt for about $50.
  2. Depends on you clients. If they are not gamers leave it as is. Some people are looking for a great price and $365 is attractive. Some want a higher end system. If you got a new GPU I would put it in and see if your power supply handles it. Why pay for something you are going to sell and not use.
  3. The bad part about adding more money to a used computer to sell it is, the person buying it is going to see the graphics card as used either way. So it's likely that you won't get your money back out of it. If it is the only way you can unload the whole thing maybe, but my gut says no. That system is more geared towards grandma and grandpa who want to play solitaire or get on this new thing they heard about (the internet), so adding that card will do nothing to add value in that case.
  4. Seeing as you're using an APU, I'd just get 8GB of 2133 CL7-9 RAM and sell it off as a low end gaming machine.
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