Can't boot from SSD?

I have a very peculiar problem. I bought a Sansdisk 64 gig ssd yesterday to use as my OS drive. The install went well, hell, everything went perfectly.

However, today I took out my old boot drive ( a Seagate Barracuda 250GB) after formatting so my dad could use it in his PC. This is where the problem starts.

After taking the Seagate out, i couldn't boot Windows ( Windows 7 ). I had installed to the SSD, it was the primary boot drive in my BIOS, everything should be working. I have no idea how this is happening, but my PC will only boot into Windows when my ( formatted) Seagate is selected as the boot drive in bios.

What's going on? I'm stumped. TL-DNR. Windows only boots when formatted HDD is selected in BIOS, but Windows is loaded onto SSD.

Thanks all
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    Try a clean install without your HDD in your PC and with just the SSD and see if that will solve your problem.
  2. check for a BIOS update, sounds glitchy
  3. Well, the clean install worked. Updated my BIOS but still nothing. I unplugged the Seagate then reinstalled onto the SSD. Slightly annoying as I'd just finished installing all my programs. Ah well, it works now. Thanks all :)
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