High Idle temps with I7 4770K and Corsair H80I


I7 4770K
16GB of DDR3 1600MHZ Corsair Ballistix Ram
Samsung SSD PRO 250GB
Corsair H80i water cooler

My H80i seems to be reaching idle temps of around 50-60 degrees, and LOAD temps of around 100 degrees. I first had a EVO 212 and idle was around 23-32 degrees and load was around 80 degrees.

I have resat the cooler block, and cleaned and re-applied thermal paste, any other ideas?

I7 4770K is running at Stock speeds, 3.5GHZ.
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    Is the pump plugged into a power source and is it actually running? You should be able to hear it making a soft ticking sound (sounds kind of like a hard disk seeking). Re-check your installation of the block and mounting hardware - something is definitely wrong.
  2. Ok, will recheck everything.

    The pump is showing at 2210 in the corsair LINK software.
    So it seems to be running, but maybe its a error.
  3. ~2200 rpm is exactly where the H80 should run. So it would seem the pump is running fine. The radiator fan(s) should also be running. It sounds more like it isn't mounted on the socket quite right. Make sure you are using the proper hardware and mounting brackets for the Intel 1150 socket.
  4. Yeah, I agree with larkspur. I'd take everything H80i off and start from scratch. Be careful to check that all screws line up straight, comparing to pictures online. Also, do the same thing to make sure that all cables are plugged into the right plugs.
  5. Guys I think I have resolved it.

    For one..the fans were set up as pull sucking air one way and another the other way. Basically tug a war style....dumb moment.

    So that seems to have been it.

    Old temps were 50-60 idle.
    Full load temps were 100 degrees

    New temps are 28-30
    Full load are 70-75

    It's crazy to think that a pull pull config could be that bad.
  6. Hey man, I had the same problem with my H80i with a i7 4770, in idle it was around 50 degrees and under stress it was hitting 95 degrees. So I disassembled everything and put together again, making sure to tighten the fittings very well, pushing the piece that fits behind the motherboard against the piece that fits in front and only then screwing them.
    Also my radiator was pulling air from inside to outside, where the "correct way" should be pulling air from outside to inside. After making these changes, the idle temp went to 27 degrees and when in full stress, for hours, it was hitting 55 degrees.
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