Windows 8.1 Crashing on my new PC (Intel i7 4770/Asus H87 PRO)

Hi all,

After saving my money for a long time i have brought a new PC.

PROCESSOR: Intel i7 4770
RAM: Corsair 8 GB 1600MHZ

I already have GTX 550Ti graphics card and my PSU is 550 W.

The main purpose i updated my PC is for gaming.

I made a fresh install of Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit. I was installing it on midnight. I downloaded all drivers and installed everything. Then i saw BIOS update is available. So i updated it too.

My motherboard came with "H87-PRO BIOS 1005" and i installed the update "H87-PRO BIOS 1101" which is available currently.

Then on next day after i came from my office, I noticed that the windows boot time is taking more than 40 seconds. Then after sometime the desktop turned black and everything dissappeared.

Then it begin to freeze on startup itself. So i reinstalled the OS and again the same problem occurs few minutes after installation. I reinstalled many times and the same problem occurs.
Now i am running Windows 7. It has no problems.

I really dont know where the problem exists. Please help me.
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  1. How about mobo drivers - did you download and load the latest for Win8?
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    How about mobo drivers - did you download and load the latest for Win8?

    YES. All drivers are latest

  3. THIS message showed up.. I forgot to mention that
  4. Best answer
    Sounds like if this pops up after each install of Win 8 may have a corrupt or illegal install disk
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