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What is the differences between the G1sniper Z5S 1150 and the G1sniper Z87. I see that the Z5s has one more PCI 3.0 slot but what i dont get is why is the z87 more expensive if its smaller? Is it worth it to spend the extra 15 on it?
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  1. I didn't realize this when i bought it and now I'm worried i got the wrong one :/
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    Here is a link to compare both mobos. The main differences are:

    Z5S has D-Sub and DVI-D ports onboard graphics, and Z87 a DisplayPort.
    Z5S uses Realket audio card, and Z87 Creative Sound Core 3D

    Both have the same dimensions. You are worth it.

    PS Don't worry, be happy.
  3. There is no link... cool that's all i really need to know. i was getting all bent out of shape over that for some reason.
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