What video cards for a 9 or more monitor trading setup?

Someone I know is looking to build one computer to run 9 monitors for use as a trading computer. They want to be able to have 9 different things on all the monitors at once and control it using one keyboard and mouse.

I've tread searching for information but have found only so much since most trading set ups seems to only be wanting 3-6 monitors.

There is not necessarily a budget but money wasted isn't good. My computer building knowledge is very basic and my understanding of what a parts are most important in a trading computer is basic as well.

Parts wise I believe the Intel Core i7-4930K may be the perfect option and will probably pair it with Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 for cooling. Most I would assume RAM is quite important so most likely 16 or 32GB.

**The hard part is what video cards would be needed while using preferably only 2 video cards(possibly 3) to run 9+ monitors with different items displayed and which would be the best at doing it and preferably cause the least headache >_<..
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  1. OK first of all really 9 monitors, i mean that is a little too much don't you think. Either way i am sending you a system for complete build so please wait a little.
  2. The person currently uses 9 monitors already from like 3 different "ancient" computers and desperately needs an upgrade. Guess its all in the name of work efficiency.
  3. Can you tell me the budget?
  4. why use 9 different monitors when 2x 4k monitors gives you the the same as 8 1080p screens.
    if you can only run one screen off one card, all you then need is 2 gpus.

    Additionally do you mean 9 1080p screens or 9x1280x1024, in which case with shrinking of a few windows you can do it on 1x4k screen.
  5. There is no real budget so if it costs $2,000 that's great and if it costs $4,000 its ok.

    9 monitors since 9 monitors are already owned. And I'm not sure how else to put it but simply need to run the 9 monitors with each having its own display, aka not just being a duplicate of another monitor.
  6. Just prepared a system for you excluding 9 monitors: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3lrKE
    If you would like i can recommend the monitors depending upon what your friend will do? If it is gaming then i can suggest a good one and if it is of normal use like video playback and browsing than there is a cheap one.
  7. what you perhaps really want is 9 'display areas' of the same size as a monitor. 1 or 2 very large screens might work just as well?

    a 4k screen is 3840x2160, i.e. 4x1920x1080. What are the current resolutions?

    The difficult bit with your ask is not the independence of the screens, that's easy, it's just the physical connections for 9 screens. 2 eyefinity cards would work, but they are rare. whereas 2 normal cards (don't even need that much power on them) and 2 big 4k screens gives you the same real estate with none of the physical problems. Just arrange the windows on the screens and you are away.
  8. +1 for monkey. Look if you fear that people will just think that there are only 2 monitors just tell them that they are running 4K monitor and not everyone can run these. Show a a little graphics and they will be amazed.
  9. See if you can get your supplier to demo you a 4k screen, it difficult to image the number of pixels we are talking about, 4 full 1080p screens. The only flaw with this plan is that the pixels might be quite small. but until we know the current resolutions we don't know what could work.
  10. The two screen idea is not going to work simply put. The monitors need to be spread around somewhat and two large screens are essentially stuck in two spots.

    What I'm trying to get at is I am essentially uncertain what video cards would best be suited for a 9+ monitor set up for financial trading while requiring the least headache and of course being reliable.
  11. I checked the system you posted goku but wouldn't that technically only handle 4 monitors since it has 4 plug ins?
  12. Yes but you can always get an splitter to divide a slot and use it for 2 screens. Here is an HDMI splitter (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812270376) that should cover 2 screens. Here is a DVI splitter(http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817422028) now there are 6 screens. And there is this i saw but couldn't find it: http://www.club-3d.com/index.php/products/reader.en/product/mst-hub-1-3.html
    That concludes all your 9 screens. Or let me make a adjustment in the pc part list to save you all this trouble please wait.
  13. Now here it is the complete list not much of a change in the budget, got 2 cards in SLI 9 display screen just buy an splitter for any one port and that should give you complete 9 screens. Splitters link are on the above post. Here is the updated link for the system: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3ltUx
  14. Don't splitters make it so the screens that are shown are simply duplicates of each other?
  15. You have to split atleast one screen cause like i told you you can get only 8 screens on 2 SLI cards.
  16. I notice the card says 3 way SLI capable, so could three technically put into a motherboard with 3 PICe slots and get a maximum of 12 screens?

    Side note: I noticed the cpu you chose was Intel Core i7-3930K, wouldn't the Intel Core i7-4930K be a better choice at the same price?
  17. It is a combo deal so you are getting a discount. You could do 3 way SLI but that would require a more heavy power supply!!!
  18. I just ran across something.


    What about two of these? Each one supports 6 video cards and it is crossfire compatible. Seems like the best solution.
  19. Good that should full fill your needs just fine. Nice card and won't be bottlenecked by processor.
  20. remember you DO NOT need sli or crossfire to run two cards like this, you only need that to run two cards on the same screen. 2 eyefinity cards will suffice.
  21. Late to the party, I know, but when I was starting out I read a ton of old threads on this topic because, as poster correctly points out, the content online covering this topic is damn thin. This only makes sense, obviously.... I mean, most gaming setups are well under 10 grand, yet I've never (ever) met a trader whether still in the game or not (look for 5 gal jerry can nearby and thousand yard stare to ID former traders) who didnt drop 10k - entire account for most - at first attempt - usually wrapping up within 3-4 months. Myself included, though I think it was 2.5 mos. Anyone with the backbone, bloodymindedness and mind-less-ness to carry on, to a man, will tell you this was very important experience, that it was an invaluable education. Me?Dunno 'bout that, looks to me it cost 10 grand! Anyway, yes you want as much speed as possible for given situation, but it is critical to understand that your speed is to be spent on - well - speed. You want your charts as fast as poss, and you want orders in quickly. To that end myself personally with my first trading computer I ordered up support for 8 charts from specialty shop, indiv card for each, intel 3946k, decent system SSD then upgraded system drive to ssung 840pro, 16gb quad chnnl ram (i think, was 16gb anyway) yet I found the speed penalty for monitors 7 and 8 were not worth what they gave me - and I watch and trade 14 different futures instruments all day, so charting and scanning were critical. In the end I shuffeled some charting and all scans to second computer. (alienware m18x r1) and found this a huge improvement, esp what computer went down and I had decent backup locked and loaded already in form of the Alienware (which is also my traveling computer) Hate me for it but I moved to Europe couple years ago and with such good cell netwrks avail I drive all over the outrageously beautiful italian coastlines, stay in Paris a week or two, take the family skiing in winter, go sailing, and when a trade lines up for me I'm there to push the button or oversee my automated algos, and make money while on permenent vacation. Knock a trade out of the park and hey, stay another week in the hotel, etc. So my point is that flexibility is very important. But when I was buying forst computer for trading I thought in terms of as many monitors I could afford and all on one machine. I scalped a lot then, still do some but having larger account has pointed me towards intraday swing trades that, when they line up, move just slow enough that when i take the alert on my phone I can sit down or set up quickly and sit down, and pull off the trade. So this is just a bit of wisdom that you might want to pass along. Remember even today's equip slows down, esp with trading when using level 2 data, volumes and finer detail, and so it pays to offload every task but the incoming data crunching, to another machine, a machine that will one day (soon) need to step in to relief pitch. Hey, one good trade buys a kickass computer and as such i believe it's advantageous to consider their expense as a consumable, just like staples and pens. Use 'em up, have extras ready to go. The really, really important computer is between your ears. PS, dont worry, I have MS and is pretty serious disability lately so I just count my lucky stars I can support my family now, have a great time with them now, and when I'm gone will have left enough behind to keep taking good care of my 2 girls and wife, even my parents. If I can pull it off I think most can - it's just like a pro sport, perform or get sent to the farm team. It is performance based, you cant just show up some days qand floart around b/c you dont feel well or not into working. Sports star has a bad day and it makes his agent's job a bit tougher, but he doesnt have to return a chunk of his salary every bad game like I do!
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