Have problem with OEM Win 7 64-bit installed on older machine that was upgraded with new memory, reformatted HDD for use by wi

I installed the OEM Win 7 as a clean install after upgrading memory, installing CPU had lying around, can not activate OS because the product key is not recognized as legal. I reformatted the HDD and reinstalled the OS, but to no avail. Have attempted to contact MIcrosoft, but the wait is so long, that I never get anyone to connect with me to solve the problem. This is an old Gateway machine that still works well for my wife, I don't really want to spend any money on further upgrades unless I absolutely have to. The system originally had XP on it. Do I need to replace the HDD or just build a cheap system from scratch, replacing the MOBO, HDD and GPU

Gateway 510s
Intel P4d 3.0
150Gb HDD
nVidia 630 GPU
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  1. Was that OEM Win 7 completely unused?
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    It is possible that you ended up with an illegal (pirated) copy of Windows. This cannot be activated. We cannot help you there.

    The HDD is usable and you can check its condition by running chkdsk and/or HDTune on it.

    And you always have the option of building a new PC (post in new builds section).
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    If it is a legit copy you have to call MS, there is a limit of 1 activation, once it is used you have to call them to reset the activation, this will also make your old PC or whatever PC had this key code installed non genuine.

    Do this and have your computer unplugged from the network to see the phone activation option:
  4. I bought the software from amazon, so I would think it has not been installed or activated. However, I guess anything is possible. I will try to using the phone option because the online chat option does not seem to work.
  5. I want to thank all of you that attempted to help me. I must be getting older than I thought, I need a magnifying glass from now on to read those product keys, I was misreading one of them and it caused the key to be invalid. Again, thank you for answering my post with possible solutions.
  6. Don't feel bad. I just installed new Win 7 64 bit as well and had a HELL of a time reading those tiny little numbers. haha
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