Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 overclock Temp fears!!

Hello all,

I have read numerous posts about overclocking the Q9450 but i hope to erase any fears i have with you fine people.

I have a q9450 at 2.6GHZ

I have 8gb running at 800mhz (should be 1066) but was down-clocked as cpu couldn't handle it.

Also a Nvidia gtx 660 2gb

My temps sit at on Core temp and Realtemp

core 0 = 44
core 1 = 44
core 2 = 34
core 3 = 34

running prime 95 at full load my core look like this.

core 0 = 61-62
core 1 = 61-62
core 2 = 55-56
core 3 = 55-56

I have got a new heat sink an Alaska and my room temp is good, i have re-applied heat sink paste several time to get it perfect.

I am too frightened to overclock at the moment with these temps.. what else can i do?

I am so lost... is my ram suffering much from running at 800mhz as apposed to 1066?
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  2. Hello sunder25,

    So with these temps i shouldn't overclock? and the under clocked ram is no bother (computer is solely used for gaming)?
  3. I'd not bother about underclocked ram.
    You can afford to OC your cores some for normal usage, nothing you do will heat them up as much as prime95.
  4. Hello Sunder,

    Thank you for the prompt response, i will now overclock my cpu to 3.0GHZ and my ram to 900MHZ i will reply with idle temps and also thanks for the info about prime95 i had a hunch nothing would use 100% of each core.
  5. Woah not so fast.
    The secret to a nice overclock is small increments.
    Try 2.75-2.80
  6. I'll wait for your results.:P
  7. Hello,

    Overclocked cpu to 3.0GHZ and ram is now upto 900MHZ

    Idle temps are now

    core 0 = 55
    core 1 = 55
    core 2 = 46
    core 3 = 46

    Im a little nervous to run prime95 is this idle temp ok? should i try to go further? or be happy with that.
  8. oh.. opps i ran off and started playing around sorry :(
  9. Idle temps are quite high,
    I'd take it down a peg, or check temps under normal loads.
    Play a game.
  10. just downloading a game to test.

    Idle temp is.. still rising...

    core 0 = 59
    core 1 = 59
    core 2 = 51
    core 3 = 51
  11. Time to go to 2.8 :P
  12. well... what a mess around..

    down clocked down to 2.8GHZ and temps jumped to 130c on all cores and computer wouldn't turn on until i removed cmos battery and put cpu back to 2.6GHZ.. temps are back at 44-34c

  13. Jumped to 130c?
    That makes no sense lol.
    Are you sure you didn't add a 0 here or there?
  14. yeah i agree, i shut down went into bios changed multiplier from 375 x 8 to 350 x 8 and rebooted go to desktop and checked core temp and all cores were sitting at 130c! flashing at me!

    I am confused!
  15. Give this a read.
    It's gonna help with your efforts.
  16. i recall this happening to this same cpu years ago when i went to 350 x 8 it got crazy hot.. so odd..
  17. thank you mate i will go read it now :)
  18. Good luck!
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