KVM switch 4 port DVI not working correctly

Hello everyone,

I have a Belkin SOHO 4 port DVI KVM switch that is not working correctly. The switch is model number F1DD104L and currently it will not display through the monitor on ports 1 and 2. I am using this device with Dell laptops (wide variety of) and Dell docking stations. Since they are laptops I can leave the screen open and see that the keyboard and mouse are sent through just fine, it's only the monitor aspect that does not show up correctly.

I initially set this up and found that only ports 3 and 4 worked fully and on ports 1 and 2 only the mouse and keyboard would work. Each of the laptops was a different model so I thought it may have been an issue with the computers on ports 1 and 2. I changed them so that the machines that were on ports 3 and 4 were now on ports 1 and 2, and from ports 1 and 2 to 3 and 4. Surprisingly, ports 3 and 4 still worked and 1 and 2 didn't. I then switched the cords around on the KVM and the devices, still only 3 and 4 worked. I changed the output monitor, the keyboard and mouse and still only 3 and 4 worked. I changed the docking stations around as well and no matter what configuration I use ports 3 and 4 are the only ones with video, regardless of what device or cord is used to connect them.

Each machine has all the drivers up to date. The monitor will work when directly connected to any of the docking stations, but through the KVM it will not even show up in display properties for those connected to ports 1 and 2. Now normally I would just RMA it and get it replaced, but I have done that already... Twice! This is the 3rd iteration of this device and they have all had the same problem. Belkin has assured me that their product specialists will call me about it but I have been waiting 2 months so far and have not received any calls. I have call them now every 2 days but all they are willing to do is RMA the device yet again or assure me that their product specialists will call me back (Still waiting btw).

I work in a helpdesk department so this type of device is not new to me. It does not appear to me to be a hardware compatability issue as it does not matter what device/cord/dock is used on the working ports, and those that do work on ports 3 and 4 (all of them) do not work with the same setup on ports 1 and 2. I've run out of ideas and I am getting no help from Belkin so I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has any thoughts on the matter. Thank you in advance for your input.
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    Hmm... seems there are bad reviews about it on newegg, so it seems to be both a model and a company you can no longer trust:
    * People having problems with the device.
    * One person getting the runaround from Belkin after his device stopped working for one monitor (after 4 months he still got no solution!).

    Other than that, based on your thorough testing, it seems like it really is bad hardware, but I don't know anything about KVM switches to really say that. So, maybe it would have been better if I let someone else answer. :)
    Is there any config settings or buttons you can try?

    BTW, when you sent it in, did you send the broken one in first and then they sent you one back?

    If so, maybe they sent you back the same one... perhaps they tried repairing both and didn't really get it fixed. In that case, that would explain why it might keep coming back broken. (Or in a really extreme case, maybe they didn't even try to fix it.)
  2. I had thought that perhaps they keep repackaging the same one and sending it back but I've got all the serial numbers for it written down. Unfortunately there are no configuration switches of any kind, it's supposed to be relatively dumb switching device with the only buttons being the 4 to switch devices. My coworker proposed an interesting theory: "Perhaps they simply put the circuit boards from two of the 2-port models into one larger chassis and called it good." With any luck I may actually get a call from their product specialists today or this weekend in which case I'll post my findings from them.
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