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(Heads up, I'm not the best with computers.) I alt tab out of games a lot to use the internet. I had an extra monitor laying around, so I thought I'd hook it up and make things easier by just dragging my mouse over to the other monitor instead of alt tabbing if I needed to do something. That's how I thought it worked. The second monitor works, but it's just a picture of my desktop. How do I play games on one monitor, and use the internet on the other? My main monitor is in 1080p. Secondary is a bit old so it's recommended resolution is 1440 x 900.
Specs are i5-3570, HD 7870, and 8 gb of ram. Windows 7.

If you need any other info to help me out let me know. Thank you.
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  1. Not that simple...

    It won't be active at the same time unless you play the game in Windowed Mode. Otherwise, you still need to use alt+tab.

    Open your browser before the game and drag it onto the other desktop. Then start your game and you can alt+tab to the browser window anytime(making it active) to scroll or browse. If your game is not in Windowed mode, it will minimize to the taskbar.
  2. You need to see if you can set your game to windowed mode.
  3. I got something that works out for me. Ty for helping.
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