AMD A10-5800K vs Core i3 4130

I have a budget of $150 but I'm not willing to buy a graphics card yet but the A10 comes with one. I just don't know what to choose.
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    this is much better if you're willing to spend 150$ on an apu cpu.
  2. So A10 would be better
  3. yes with intense integrated graphics.
  4. the A10-7700K will do much powerful than the intel 4130 but the intel 4130 is better than AMD A10-5800K
  5. Apu's don't have 'onboard' memory, like a dedicated gpu, so they use 'System memory' instead. For a real performance boost to the gpu side of an APU, 2133MHz ram is suggested as the best compromise between budget and performance. Just wanted to throw that in, as its an APU's version of a gpu upgrade (future thoughts)
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