Use Wireless-N WiFi as an AP or Repeater - With Vhub + DIR-615

So I've got a top spec imac and Virgin gave me their Superhub plus a D-Link Wireless router to give better coverage but it still isn't good enough.

My routers are in one corner of the house and I have installed a 30 meter RJ-45 from there to the other corner, its currently unplugged.

Ive just bought a cheap Wireless-N WiFi Repeater for £12 and I'm wondering if I can run it as AP if the D-Link Wireless is still running? Or do I need to set the Wireless-N as a Repeater???

Please help I'm an absolute retard when it comes to networking, Thanks in advance
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  1. Yes you can run both at once. I assume they are both 2.4 GHz? You will want them to be on separate channels from each other. Preferably either channel 1, 6 or 11. You can use the same SSID on both or a different one. This would work better than using it in repeater mode.
  2. Hi Abailey - Love your answer and yes it is 2.4ghz.

    To setup the D-link I type in my Browser http// and it gives me a bunch of setup options including the channel you mentioned which is currently 6.

    How do I setup the Wireless-N wifi so its on a different channel? I expect the Wireless-N will come with instructions.

    Many thanks for your help
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    Yes it should come with instructions on how to first set it up and get into the configuration screen. One thing I forgot to mention is in the 2.4ghz band you really want to set your channel width to 20mhz (not auto or 40mhz). This is because 40mhz uses 2 channels. With really only 3 available non overlapping channels, you would be "stepping on yourself" if you were to use 40mhz wide channels on both radios. This would result in slower speeds than 20mhz. Even if you only have one radio in use in a house, I usually advise against using 40mhz channels unless you live way out in the countryside by yourself with no neighbors near that could be using Wifi.
  4. Dear bailey - Many thanks for your help. the equipment is here and ready to install but a bedroom renovation is setting it back a week. I hope your here when of if I need you. Please check out my website anthonyhague tod moc. If their is anything I can do for you?
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