cannot find correct drivers.

Hey guys, I just installed a new SSD and installed win7 onto it, but I cannot find the correct WLAN driver.

In device manager it says I am missing my 'USB WLAN' driver and I can't seem to find it.

My motherboard's model is a Asus P8H61.

If you guys can help that would be great! Thank you sirs and madams.

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    All the drivers are listed here, select your OS and then download required drivers.
  2. Your motherboard has no built in WiFi.
    Any drivers would have to come from the manufacturer of your USB WiFi device.
  3. Oh right of course. I installed the correct drivers fot my network adapter, but the adapter isn't being detected for some reason. Do you guys have a solution? I am rather confused. Also thank you for the replies!

    Edit: I am also missing 'PCI Simple Comms controller' and SM Bus Controller divers. Are these important?

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