V Sync No Longer Works On Any Game (Nvidia GTX 590)


I recently noticed that I have constant screen tearing while playing games. I have tried forcing V Sync through the Nvidia Control Panel (have tried adaptive, on, etc) and nothing seems to work. I even formatted my pc and reinstalled Windows 7 as well as updated to all the newest drivers (Nvidia 335.23 driver included) and the screen tearing persists.

Is this possibly an indicator that my GTX 590 is dying? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I would suggest some conflict between drivers settings/ingame setting or similar than dying GPU.

    A quick google search found this - people complaining about a particular game patch. I bet we can find more reported v-sync issues.

    It could be newest drivers causing it, try reverting to an older driver version to see if it helps but clean all with or similar before you do it.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply! I will have to give your suggestions a try tomorrow, as I am now at work for the evening. Thanks again, I will report back soon.
  3. Nope , it aint a dying GPU.

    Its the Drivers/game.
    Try D3DOverrider and force v-sync,

    or else uninstall the game as well as drivers ad do a re-install.

    Same happened to me , nothing worked for me , so re-installing windows did the trick ;)
    Do it only if nothing works.
  4. Reverted to older drivers and everything seems fine. Thanks for the help!
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