Which card is better for overclocking? The R9 270, or the already OC'd R9 270x?

It's probably a stupid question, but obviously the R9 270x has already been overclocked, does that mean it's reached it's limits overclocking or is there room for improvement? if it's reached it's limit, will i be able to get better clocks speeds with the R9 270 to surpass the R9 270x? or will i only be able to reach the same speed as the R9 270x or worse?
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    No, I picked up a 280X and was able to OC it further, they use the higher end binned chips with the X models, to get the clocks they sell out, but there's always a chance the Xs will OC even higher, in some cases 20+ % higher, same with the non-X, might easily get one that will exceed the 'stock' OC of an X model
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