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Today I bought a Samsung 840 Pro SSD. I'm going to use it as a boot drive.My problem is that i have about 500gb of games and other files. I just want to put the OS on the ssd and keep all the files on HDD. I was going to use the Samsung data migration tool but it says it will delete everything on the source drive. I just want to keep the files and move Windows.
The only solution i could think of is to get a backup drive and move all the files to that then delete the HDD and then transfer the files back. If there is an easier way or if i'm just missing something then please let me know.
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. What would you recommend as a good one. Preferably free. Just to clarify a cloning tool wont delete everything on the HDD right?
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    I see that that all data on the target drive will be deleted but not the source drive - - look under precautions.

    "When cloning the content of the source drive (e.g. HDD), all data on the Target Disk (Samsung SSD) will be deleted and is impossible to recover. Therefore, if you have stored any data that you would like to keep on the Target Disk, please back it up in advance."

    I have used the data migration tool more than once and have never suffered any data loss on the source drive.

    You may still have to reinstall the games, if you choose not to migrate them to the SSD, to get them to work properly though you should be able to install them on the data drive. You have to take into consideration the registry data and how it points to the games and other programs.
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