Will this work? 4gb DDR2 800mhz ram and 4gb DDR2 1066mhz ram?

Just wanted to make sure this would work when I have both sets in there. It already works when I have only the 800mhz memory in, and it works when I only have the 1066mhz memory in there.

One set of memory is 2x2gb DDR2 1066MHz of G. skill

Second set is 2x1gb double sided DDR2 800MHz of Corsair

I hear the memory will only run as fast as the slowest module? So will both sets be 800 mhz?
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  1. Yeah all the memory has to run at the same speed. Not a problem though, the 1066 kit should be more than fine running at 800.

    Mixing memory does introduce a certain risk of compatibility issues, but generally it should work.
  2. I actually run a set of 2x2GB Hyper X T1 series 1066MHz and a set of 2x2GB PNY 800MHz together in my secondary PC with out issues. Although it is possible to have compatibility issues like mentioned before me. So you can try IF it works your good if not then you have run into the compatibility issues. I do have to run them at the 800 speed though.
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