i5 4570 heating problems?

I've heard haswell CPU's is hotter than Ivy bridge CPU's will I be fine if I just use the stock cooler with no overclock? How hot does the CPU goes to while playing some CPU based games?
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    the stock cooler will be sufficient at stock speeds. The benefits of an aftermarket cooler are a couple. first, the new cooler will be (probably) much quieter than intel's cooler. second, it will keep it further under the temperature limit. I'm not sure if there's a huge benefit to running the cpu at a constant 70C vs a lower 60C (or even less) but heat is the enemy of computer components for sure
  2. Games don't really heat up the cpu to the same degree as stress-tests like prime95 and IBT and AIDA64. I wouldn't be too worried with a 4570 on the stock cooler. BUT, if I planned to use the thing for more than 3 years then yeah, I'd buy a $35 cooler and sleep better at night (but if I planned to use it more than 3-4 years I'd also buy an overclockable cpu). Intel's coolers are self-described as being "adequate to cool the cpu through the warranty period". From my experience with a i5-4670k Haswell, the stock cooler is good enough to keep the chip "cool enough" in regular not-overclocked situations but has toasty mid to high 70s temps on not-overclocked stress-test (p95, IBT, AIDA) runs. If you are looking toward the long-term, then a reasonable $35ish cooler is a good investment.
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