Best air cooler for an overclocked FX-8350?

I've looked at many coolers and a lot of reviews but everyone seems to have a different idea. Can you please give some recommendations. Links to comparisons would also help.
Thank you.
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  1. i have quite a few friends with 8350 at 4.4 or 4.5 with hyper 212 evo
  2. every body is usually trying to hit the same temp which is 62C on the cores and 72 on the socket and it seems to do a very good job
  3. I want to go 4.7 and where i live gets really hot in summer, any other suggestions?
  4. Yeah get an h100 and go fo 5 ghz
  5. The noctua nh d-14 is probably one of the best air cooler you can get. Keeps my i7 2600k @ 4.8 ghz at arround 60°C.
    The cooler is porbably better than any compact water cooling solution.
  6. The noctua nh-d15!!!
  7. ykki said:
    The noctua nh-d15!!!

    Which seems ot be just a slightly imprved version of the d14. I've got my d14 from ebay for arround half the price - it was marked as used but sold by and official retailer and when ive got the cooler it was in an originally sealed box. So i just saved arround 50$. :D
    So if you're pplaning on buying it have a look at ebay..
  8. Noctua D14 or D15, Phanteks ph-tc14pe, H105...
  9. Get liquid cooling.
  10. Dual towers like the nhd14 phanteks tc14pe, gamerstorm assassin, be quiet. Those are some good towers to look into.
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    Corsair H80i liquid cooler is a great option and costs roughly the same as the Noctua D14.

    I'm using a very similar cooler, and I hit 4.8ghz.
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