Toshiba Satellite p745 won't boot on ahci

My Toshiba Satellite p745 won't boot on ahci after i installed a win 7 home premium on compatibility for sata, so i could install the os.. It works fine on compatibility mode but it seems to slow and everytime i install a driver for the laptop it shows the blue screen(crashed?).. So when i turned it to ahci it just won't boot, it just shows the Toshiba splash screen, then a black screen for about 5 minute or more, and it will just reboots again.
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  1. You can't change the SATA mode after Windows has been installed. If you want to use AHCI mode you need to set it to AHCI and re-install Windows.
  2. I did try to re-install it by AHCI mode, but the laptop won't allow any re-installation in AHCI mode.
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