i5 4670k cant get past 3.8ghz

cpu: i5 4670k
mobo: gigabyte sniper B5
cooler: noctua DH-14
psu: antec 750w gamer
gpu: amd HD7950
case fans: corsair af120 performance edition
case: antec p280

I am pretty new to overclocking, i had an i7 860 at 4.0ghz on a p55a-ud5 for ages and i figured if i picked up a i5 4670k it would be a good upgrade. Friend of mine said he had just won a gigabyte sniper M5 in a competition and i could have it for $100 which was an awesome deal.

I pay him and i get it and to my surprise it was actually a B5 not an M5, i still got it for a little cheaper than retail and i needed another motherboard so i didn't worry. Yesterday i got some new cooling for my case and CPU so i could overclock. On stock cooler i was sitting at 3.6ghz everything auto just letting it turbo till i got a proper cooler.

I realise the motherboard isn't made for overclocking but i saw on some reviews that 4770ks could reach 4.5ghz on it pretty easily and i am only looking for 4.4 if i can. The problem is i am not even remotely experienced with haswell and i cant get it past 3.8ghz. I'm using real temp, cpuz and intel burn test for the monitoring.

The main problem i am having is that the only thing i can change is the multiplier and not the bclk, is that a limitation of the motherboard? is there any options that will make the overclock easier/better if they are disabled/enabled?

i've been reading through things such as that but im still having so much trouble getting it past 3.8.

any links or advice would be most appreciated!
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    B85 chipsets can't go more than four bins above top turbo boost setting, by memory.

    You need a Z87 board to OC properly.
  2. that's what i figured, is there a good overclocking motherboard you can recommend? around the $200-250 mark?
  3. GA-Z87X-D3H, Asus Z87-A, ASRock Z87 Extreme4, or MSI Z87-G45/G55 are the ones I generally recommend. There's not a lot of point on spending more money than that.
  4. maximus vi hero or sabertooth for water cooling and clean look they are both in your budget rage
  5. Eh, it's thoroughly overkill. You won''t see much difference without sub-ambient or cryogenic cooling.
  6. the maximus vi hero is $309 and so is the sabertooth. I was actually looking at all of those boards you listed before i posted. Think ill go with the ASRock z87 extreme its nice price ($189) and has a similar colour scheme to the rest of my pc.

    thanks a lot for the help!
  7. You must be in Aus or something - those boards are normally around the US$130 mark.
  8. yeah im from Australia, it sucks so bad that we have to play such high prices
  9. Currently am having same i5 processor and am giving it a try at overclocking, as one dude mention in my thread, try just increase multiplier to x40 so you get 4.0ghz and leave everything as it is, and voltage on auto, if you manage to boot up system like that, then its a good start.
  10. i can boot into windows at 4.0 on auto, even on 4.6ghz its starts to boot into windows before it crashes but its not even remotely stable, 15 seconds on intel burn test and the system crashes, that's what happens whenever i turn it past 3.8ghz.
  11. Ah. More Voltage Needed.

    Stay under ~1.25V though, and watch the temps.
  12. then i guess, we gotta play with voltage till we get stable it's not a big deal if we pass 1.3 core voltage as long as temps are not going over 70-75C full load. ill keep you updated how my process of overclocking goes, so you can see from there :)
  13. i've gone too high just to see what happens (1.3-1.35) i get about 75-80 degrees but it crashes in a few seconds on the stress test still. i have tried having memory underclocked but NOTHING helps the stability.

    I would like to see how you go stefanode so keep me posted, do you think its worth trying to pressure more out of my cpu now or just wait for the new motherboard and then go at it then?
  14. Yeah i will keep you updated on this thread, well i dont have any special mob atm, msi z87 g55.
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