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Heyy guys, I want to build a liquid cooling setup for my system. I have picked out the parts for the pump/reservoir combo, the gpu block, cpu block, etc

The place where I need help is the tubing, I want to go full metal tubing, and I have read that copper is the most common metal used. I have been trying to get info on using other metals for tubing and details on how to cut/bend the tubes, but I have been limited in my info, any additional help that you guys can spare would be useful.

Also, I need help regarding the fittings. For instance, if using copper tubing, how would i go about using the compression fittings?? Do I simply use them like any other tubing, or do I need to do some mods for that??

One more thing that I am concerned about regarding copper tubing is the electrical conductance, do I need to pay special attention in grounding my system??

UPDATE - I would appreciate any help regarding the case I should get, right now I using a very basic silverstone ps05, I doubt this case is going to be able to hold out on the loads of upgrades coming its way, I was hoping to get nzxt source 530 or something on those lines, but I am torn between source 530 and corsair 600t

One more spot where I need some help is to maximize metal in my comp (I am kind of a metal fanatic) so, can you suggest any radiators/pumps that are available in metal (or something that I can put myself together)
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    The new wave of water cooling parts it the use of rigid tubing however this type is very hard to install and requires exact measurements and bends. One type that is fairly popular is the acrylic tubing which you bend by heating the tube and shaping it to the angle that you want. This requires patience and exact bends to make the connections work.
    To go with copper tubing you will have to shop at your local plumbing supply or find a retailer that is stocking the tubing and fittings. The copper tubing requires fittings that are designed specificly for that type of tubing and an example of those fittings can be found in the refrigerator's ice maker connection to the water supply. They are a type of compression fitting that only works with copper tubing. Here are a couple of sites that specialize in water cooling parts.
  2. Thanks for the info, just needed to know that i cannot use the compression fittings used for the regular tubings.
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