Simple question GEIL 2x4GB DDR3 1866 dual channel with adata 1600 4GB

Hey guys,

I currently have 4GB of ADATA 1600, I plan to get GEIL 2x4GB DDR3 1866 Hot-rod Red EVO VELOCE DUAL CHANNEL

Will these 2 folks work together well? I mean the overall performance will drop to 1600? So they'll work like 12GB to 1600? I want that specific ram, because I can get it with a discount.

Any kind of information will be welcome. =)

P.S my motherboard is asrock b75m
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  1. Hi Onera
    it is not a good idea to mix ram from different manufacturers or different speeds , all same brand and all 1600mz or all 1866 or you
    will have no end of problems getting your ram to work if your system even boots up.
    get more geil same ram modules or more adata same ram modules
  2. No...
    Just get rid of the 4GB ADATA RAM and use the 8GB EVO VELOCE RAM. Very few things even benefit from 12GB of RAM, and it's certainly not worth the problems associated with using mismatched RAM.
  3. Best answer
    get the 8GB set, then you know you have 8GB that will work, if you can get the older stick to play so much the better (if you need help trying, give me a shout), if it won't play can sell it off or put in another rig ;)
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