Will 2 GB of graphics memory be enough for 1920x1080?

I'm considering a new build and am in doubts as to which graphics card to get.

A computer store here in Denmark says 2 GB of memory will suffice since I'm only going to be playing in resolution 1920x1080. The guy there says 3 GB is for higher resolutions and/or multiple monitors.

On the contrary when I visit the home page of Battlefield 4, it says recommended requirements are 3 GB graphics memory.

Any thoughts on this?

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    If playing on 1 monitor 2 gb is all you need. this topic has been feverishly discussed all over the forum :)
  2. Ok, thanks!

    I wasn't aware, I just looked at the latest few threads.

    Sorry about that :)
  3. Yup, 2gb is fine for 1080p. However the GPU power is often more important than the vram size. i.e a 1.5Gb GTX 580 would perform better than a 2Gb GTX 650 Ti.
  4. Ok! Thanks :)
  5. It's all good :) Yeah i don't know why it would say that because a 2gb 770 will play BF4 on ultra. I hope that helps.
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