Can the Corsair VS650 handle a 3-way SLI nVidia GTX 650ti Boost?

Hello I have this built:
AMD FX 4130
Gigabyte Ga 990XA UD3
Kingston 8gb 1600mh RAM
3 GTX 650ti Bosst on 3 way SLI
Corsair VS650
I now have a simple GTX 650ti on my system but I'll be buying more in the future when some games lag on medium.
Can the Corsair VS 650 handle 3-way SLI GTX 650ti Boost?
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  1. Hi,
    Your CPU will not be able to handle 2xGTX650TiBoost, none the less 3X GTX650TiBoost( 3 way is not possible). My suggestion to you will be, not to spend the money on extra 2xGTX650TiBoost, which will cost $300. Sell your current CPU and current GPU, get FX 6300 and R9 270X or GTX 760, it will be much better and more elegant solution than using 3 mediocre GPUs.
  2. I dont believe the 650 Ti boost can do 3 way sli, only 2 way. The regular 650 ti cannot SLI at all.
  3. Hello, I want a graphic card that is a bit cheap and can handle every game on AT LEAST med settings with 2 way sli. I will continue working this card since I don't have problems with any game. When games start to lag I'll upgrade to 2way SLI and that could keep me 5 years of enjoyable gaming, with playable fps (30+). So if I upgrade to a 2way SLI will an FX6300 handle it? I've seen comparisons but the prolem is I am not getting boom $200. I would have already gathered $300 until games lag. That's why I want SLI. So how bout this? FX6300 Corsair VS650 2GTX 650ti boost SLI. I am happy my motherboard has already a SLI bridge.
  4. Yeah that would work well, 650 ti boost in SLI is similar performance to a GTX 770.
  5. RobCrezz I've seen many videos on youtube about a 3way SLI GTX 650ti Boost, also if 2way is available I am happy with that.
  6. Steve McGrossi said:
    RobCrezz I've seen many videos on youtube about a 3way SLI GTX 650ti Boost, also if 2way is available I am happy with that.

    Can you show me the videos about 3 way? I have not seen a 650 ti boost with two SLI connectors? (most only have 1 connector, limiting you to 2 way).
  7. Robcrezz I already have a GTX 650ti boost, upgrading to a GTX 770 is like I don't have a gpu and want a good one with good price. Now all I need fo SLI is 1 GTX650 which will cost me $140 instead of GTX 770 that would cost me around $270, that's why I'm asking if it can 3way sli that'd keep my games on ultra for 4-5 years
  8. He didn't his gpus on the mono he had an external gpu to
  9. Best answer
    SLI will not give you the scaling that you desire. In some games the scaling might be %10 more than only single GPU, on other games %30 and some may utilize more. Plus dual GPU setup can cause you microstuttering or some games will not work at all with dual GPU setup. Plus not to mention the power that 2 GPUs will draw and the heat they will generate. I know it is cool to have 2 or more GPU in your system, but think about the cost/effectiveness ratio. Again, your money, your choice. Good luck.
  10. Steve McGrossi said:

    thats using 660 Ti, not 650 Ti boost.
  11. So how long would the r9 270x keep me? I guess it will keep some games alot more perfomance since some of them will support mantle. Thanks a lot
  12. The R9 270X i am sure it will be good card for at least one year or maybe a little bit more to play games at 1080P on High resolutions. After that period i cant be sure what future titles will require. From personal experience i can tell you that with my R9 270X i am able to play BF4 at high settings with out AA and get 85 fps.
  13. I'd never go more than 2 SLI-having 3rd isn't worth or 1-780/780 TI.

    The AMD-6300/6350 decent CPU......

    Corsair VS650 will it handle all that-I'd say no you need at least 850w/1000w sli certified.
    it might work at 1st then might shut down too during intense gaming......

    I I've PC power&cooling 600w sli psu I had only AMDFX 4400"939"-2-8800 640mb GTS and I was just playing
    COD-4 and after awhile it would shut down during intense gaming......
  14. One thing you can try is 2 MSI-660 SLI take that
    reg-650-ti and use it in the NVidia settings use that
    card in the Pysx settings and deddiate 650 ti to that.

    That give you some use out that card.
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